Owl Zodiac Sign: The Role of the Owl Totem in Native American Zodiac

If you were born between November 22 and December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere or between May 21 and June 20 in the Southern Hemisphere, your birth totem is the owl. The associated Zodiac sign for this Owl totem is Sagittarius in the northern hemisphere, and Gemini in the southern hemisphere. In this article, we will explore the significance of the owl zodiac sign and its symbolism in Native American zodiac and astrology.

The owl totem represents wisdom, intuition and the ability to see beyond immediate appearances. People born under the owl totem are often perceptive, insightful and are able to see through deception. Known for their intelligence and creativity, these individuals show extraordinary mental acuity. The owl, in Native American culture, is revered as a spirit animal of great power; it offers guidance and protection to those who seek its wisdom.

Curious about the significance of the owl totem in Native American zodiac and astrology? This article will attempt to satisfy your curiosity. It will dive deep into this emblem, exploring its symbolism and analyzing its correlation with personality traits while also delineating its role in life paths.

The Owl Sign in the Native American Zodiac

The own zodiac sign is considered as the wisest of all the native american zodiac signs. In this section, we shall delve into understanding the inherent characteristics and unique traits associated with being born under the owl zodiac sign:

Owl Sign: Element and Direction

The Owl zodiac sign—representing transformation—is linked with the fire element; this association corresponds to the southern direction, which symbolizes warmth and solar energy. Additionally, there is a profound connection between the Owl and yellow—a color indicative of clarity, intellect, and wisdom.

The Owl Sign and Its Clan

In Native American culture, a specific clan or group of animals aligns with each Zodiac sign; for instance, the Owl sign constitutes part of the Thunderbird Clan: a clan that includes other powerful birds such as the Eagle and Falcon. The Thunderbird Clan–known for its strength, courage, and leadership traits–commands immense prestige.

As an Owl sign, you foster a deep connection with the spiritual realm and this gives you great wisdom and insight. You are a natural leader and have an acute sense of justice and fairness. You are also highly intuitive and have a keen sense of observation, which allows you to see things that others may miss.

In the context of relationships, Owls are compatible with the Raven, Otter, Deer, Salmon and Falcon signs. They value their independence, and need space to spread their wings. They are also defined by an unwavering loyalty towards those they love.

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Owl Zodiac Sign

The Owl Sign and Its Birth Totem

If you were born in the Northern Hemisphere between November 22 and December 21, or if your birthday falls between May 21 and June 20 in the Southern Hemisphere, then according to Native American Zodiac traditions, you have the Owl as your birth totem. In Western Astrology, this corresponds with the Sagittarius sign –renowned for their keen insight– for those in the northern hemisphere and the Gemini sign -renowned for their charm- for those in the southern hemisphere.

Owl Sign Birth Dates and Season

The owl serves as an animal totem for those born in late fall and early winter; a period that aligns with distinct phases in each hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, this time marks the descent of leaves from trees—heralding chilling winter months’ arrival; on the flip side—in the Southern Hemisphere, it corresponds with rising temperatures—a phase characterized by longer days.

The Owl sign is known for its keen watchfulness and seamless transition between diverse realities. Individuals born under this sign, often deemed wise and introspective, command a comprehensive understanding of their surroundings. They also possess a keen intuition, an innate sense so profound that it guides them effortlessly through the intricacies of life.

If the Owl is your birth totem, it signifies a perpetual quest for knowledge and understanding; your natural curiosity about the world engenders an unquenchable thirst for learning and a relentless pursuit of wisdom. You are also likely to be someone who is very patient and methodical in your approach to life.

The Native American Zodiac associates with several animal totems: the Owl, Beaver, Deer, Falcon and Bear. Each of these exhibits unique personality traits and characteristics–providing profound insights into an individual’s character and life trajectory.

Owl Zodiac Sign

Symbolism of the Owl Zodiac Sign

The Owl Sign and Its Color and Stone

The color associated with the Owl Zodiac sign is gold, which symbolizes clarity, intellect, wisdom and also the moon. The stone associated with the Owl Zodiac sign is Obsidian, which represents protection and communication.

Personality Traits of the Owl Sign

Those born under the Owl Zodiac sign distinguish themselves from other zodiac signs as they boast of having wisdom, intuition and a broad perspective. Their independence, curiosity and creativity are undeniable. Their impressive character is not without imperfections though, as these individuals can often be very secretive, stubborn and prone to mood swings.

The Spiritual Path of the Owl Sign

As a symbol synonymous with spiritual growth, self-discovery, and intellectual pursuit, people under the Owl Zodiac find themselves magnetically attracted to meditation, yoga and other spirit-focused practices. These people relentlessly seek a connection between their inner selves and the universe.

The Owl Sign and Love Relationships

Individuals born under the Owl Zodiac sign radiate passion and romance; notably, they fiercely protect their independence and freedom. They require partners who respect their needs for intellectual stimulation as well as space. They are compatible with other signs that value wisdom, creativity, and spirituality, such as the Deer, Falcon, and Salmon.

The Owl Sign and Finances

Those born under the Owl Zodiac sign demonstrate impeccable financial management skills. They make astute investments, a testament to their entrepreneurial and creative spirits, traits that often forge the path for financial success. However, despite these strengths, they can be impulsive which can divert them off course, making them more susceptible to taking risks. So they need to be careful not to overspend or make hasty financial decisions.

Owl Sign and Career

People born under the Owl Zodiac sign are associated with Creativity, intuition and independence. These traits prime them for success in fields such as arts; education research; entrepreneurship. Additionally, their adept problem-solving skills are qualities desired across business sectors that often propel them towards success in business and finance.

Connection with Other Zodiac Signs

Those born under the Owl Zodiac sign are compatible with other signs–like the Deer, Falcon, and Salmon–that appreciate wisdom, creativity, and spirituality. Similarly, they find compatibility with adventurous spirits such as the Otter, Wolf and Bear. Their passion for adventure and exploration resonates deeply within these other signs.

Challenges and Lessons

Individuals born under the Owl Zodiac sign must diligently protect themselves from falling into a state of extreme solitude or detachment from everyone else. It is important for them to refine their ability to actively manage erratic mood swings, resisting any need to be stubborn or inflexibile.

The vital lesson that people under the Owl Zodiac need to learn is to master the delicate balance between self-sufficiency and social interdependence, achieving an optimal harmony between personal freedom and societal ties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does an owl symbolize in Native American culture?

    In Native American culture, owls often symbolize wisdom, intuition and magic; they maintain a potent connection to the spirit world. Their nocturnal vision–an apt metaphor for discerning illusions and unveiling concealed truths–augments this spiritual bond. Moreover, certain Native American traditions associate owls with death and afterlife: they serve as guides escorting departed souls through their transition.


  • What zodiac sign is associated with owls?

    In the Native American Zodiac: the Northern Hemisphere associates Sagittarius with the owl; in contrast, it is Gemini that shares this association within the Southern Hemisphere. Those born under these respective signs are reputed to mirror key traits of the owl–keen insight and intuition–as well as an intimate bond with spiritual realms.


  • What is the meaning of the Native American Zodiac signs?

    The Native American Zodiac system, a unique approach to astrology, assigns different months of the year specific totem animals: these include not only the owl but also others such as bear, beaver, deer and wolf–among many. The belief is that each animal represents varying personality traits and strengths; in essence providing guidance- along with valuable insight into an individual’s life path.