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I was just sitting here watching tv about a half hour ago and I heard a bell chime twice. It was so incredibly clear and beautiful. At first I thought it was the tv, so I rewound my program and watched it again. The chimes were not on tv. My dog even got out of his bed and stared at me like, "are ya gonna answer the door?". My first feeling was that it was something spiritual. Has anyone experienced this before, and if so, what is the meaning? Any input would be appreciated.
Donna Hardaway
It's kind of strange, but at the time, I was thinking about manifesting my dream home!
Richard Kelly
I God I had a very loud door bell go off, which is not the same sound as mine!! I was just waking up when it happened and I actually went to the door to answer it, even though I knew it was not the sound of my door bell!!!! I'm claiming I was still alsepp!!!:10300:
Rebekah Bennett
It's just another way of our Guides and Angels letting us know we are on the right track in whatever we are thinking or doing. I'd guess that a loud door bell sound is a something you'll really take notice of. I get small gold flashes in the shape of an explanation mark ! they are only little, but I...View More
Rebekah Bennett
OR... it could be your Guides and Angels asking you to take notice of them, discern when they are channelling info to you. Last year before I really knew how my Spirit Team contacted me, I'd hear a door bell or phone ring just as I was going off to sleep... now that I can discern when they channelli...View More
Donna Hardaway
Margaret, I was watching a show about a couple trying to decide whether to renovate their home or sell it.
These are real experiences. The sounds what you hear are created out of various energy points (chakras) in our bodies. As the energy moves from lower to higher chakras it gives you various experiences like sounds, visions, smell etc.
cali palmer
Just my opinion.... listen for further guidance....
Spiritual Networks
SN News Alert>>> Ever hear the sound of bells chiming in your ear? Please read and kindly share your thoughts on Donna's super short blog. Much love, SN <3
Angel of Oneness
I have heard bells, phones, talking and much more<3It is about whatever your intuition tells you it is. Most of the time it will be a thought that you already hold within you, so in one respect you already Know<3Guidance comes in many forms and sometimes these sounds are simply markers for shift bal...View More
Marlene Checknita
Shrinath.... as I read your response, it gave me an answer I have been searching for for five years now! I was at a 3 hour workshop 'Protecting Self from Lower Vibration Energies' and as the instructor, Brenda Walsh (well known in Alberta, Canada) intentionally raised the vibration in the room all ...View More
Donna Hardaway
Marlene, what an AWESOME experience that was!! Thanks for sharing.
Donna Hardaway
Wow!! Thanks to each and everyone of you for taking the time to respond to this question!! I appreciate all of your input!
Rebekah Bennett
Oh my gosh... Marlene, you just reminded me of Angelic music I heard a few nights ago, I was posting a blog on FB about a ladybird visiting me, and I faintly heard this Angelic type music, even my cat heard it, as she raised and tilted her head from snoozing on the arm of my lounge chair.. I just as...View More
Teresa White
I am so glad I logged in tonight, because I have heard a noise like a very loud bong for a couple of weeks off and on over several days. I hear faint conversations that are not in my home and sound of pleasant chimes in a continuous play.
Rebekah Bennett
@ Vibhuti, I am going through kundalini raising, but hear these frequencies, they are NOT man made, I've had confirmation from my Higher Guide, Reuben, as to what they are, and what they are used for. But thanks for the link to HAARP, these are not my frequencies.
@ Jason, if you go to my blogs on my...View More
Marie Jimenez-Beaumont
Jason, I heard a choir singing years ago, it was crystal clear and so beautiful, and it was not the radio or TV as it was the a.m.
Donna Hardaway
Amitabh, thank you!! I needed to read this!
Donna Mooreside
4 years ago I was in the belcony of a hotlel of Jax beach, It was around 2 am when I heard the most beautiful angelic charms drifting towards me...they hung near me for a few moments then they drifted down the beach becoming fainter and fainter. I was on the the fourth floor; as I looked across the ...View More
Elisabeth Davidson
I have heard chimes, I am more clairsentient - i.e. I sense people/voices/spirits. Occasionally I "hear" Spirit inside my head, but not as a voice...xx
gary kirchner
Eight years ago, the day we moved into our house. it was a hot summer day and the windows were closed with the AC on. We heard chimes play a short melody. We thought maybe it was a local church, but it was too loud and clear inside and we never heard it again.